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Ultra Curcumin™️, 60 ct (was CurcuCynergy) Label
Ultra Curcumin™️, 60 ct (was CurcuCynergy) Supplement Facts

Ultra Curcumin™️ 500 mg, 52X Absorption, 60 capsules / 60 servings

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Total Turmeric Matrix- 39-52X Bioavailabilty  

60 500 mg capsules / 60 servings

Compare Bioavailabilty vs other formulations

  • Ultra Curcumin™️: 39 X (free curcumin) 52X total

  • Meriva: 20X

  • Theracurmin 27X 

  • BCM 95: 7 X 

  • With Piperine: 20 X 


  • Supports a healthy inflammatory response
  • Patented Formulation
  • Full Spectrum with Turmerone Essential Oils
  • Dissolves in Water
  • Ultra Bioavailable


Systemic inflammation is one of the hallmarks of chronic disease and aging. We experience increased systemic inflammation in our bodies as a result of our diet, sedentary lifestyle, environmental toxins and stress. Our bodies ability to manage inflammation decreases with age and lifestyle (diet, exercise, toxins).


One of the most time-tested and powerful natural anti-inflammatory substances on earth comes from the Turmeric root and its curcuminoid and related molecules. Supplementing with Ultra Curcumin™️ provides powerful anti-inflammatory effects, and is also shown to support healthy GI & Microbiome. Ultra Curcumin™️ stands alone in the crowded Turmeric/Curcumin market, because it is a patented specialized formulation that, unlike most Curcumin formulas, dissolves readily in water with no additives. In addition, Uktra Curcumin™️ (made of pure Curcugen®️) comprises the entire turmeric root of “rhizome”, bringing all of the synergistic “entourage” benefits of the turmerones essential oils and polysaccharides.


Ultra Curcumin™️ is a pleiotropic substance, meaning it exerts its effects through a number of different molecular pathways in the body. One of the most well-known of these is curcumin’s ability to block Nuclear Factor Kappa B (NFkB), one of the most significant signaling molecules in the “inflammatory cascade”. This effect reduces overall systemic inflammation, providing relief from arthritis and post exercise soreness. 


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