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True-Peptide™️ Capsules, 60 capsules / 30 servings

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True-Peptide™️ Capsules

This amazing Low Molecular Weight Marine Collagen (LMWC) is 100% pure MoriKol®️Tripeptide Collagen sourced from Kosher raised Tilapia.

The primary advantage of LMWC comes from its extra purification processes that concentrate specific small sized, easily absorbed collagen proteins called “Tripeptides”. These are three-amino acid long strings (peptides) that actually have separate dedicated cheeks in the digestive tract to absorb them rapidly without any additional digestion, like most larger collagen molecules.

Morikol®️ has the advantage of human clinical studies showing significant improvements in skin fine lines and wrinkles, roughness and moisture.

The enhanced purification allows MoriKol®️ to be effective in a small 1 gram per day dose. Most standard collagen powders are not purified to the level of MoriKol, so they require 10-20X the amount of powder to have any effect on the skin.