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Mega Immune Formula - True-HealthDefense™️ 30 servings

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True-HealthDefense™️ Mega-Immune Complex

90 capsules / 30 servings

  • Botanicals + Wild Mushrooms
  • 16 Proven Immune Boosting Ingredients 
  • Elderberry-200 mg
  • Echinacea-360 mg
  • Licorice Extract-100 mg
  • Astragalus-200 mg
  • Quercitin-400 mg
  • Zinc Glycinate-30 mg
  • Cordyceps, Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake Mushroom Extracts-50 mgs each
  • Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan-200 mgs
  • Selenium-200 mcg
  • Green Tea Extract-300 mg


Now more than ever, it is clear that we all need to optimize our resistance to infection. As a result of stress, environmental toxins, inadequate exercise and poor dietary choices, many of us have sub-optimal immune defense. While it is highly advised that we all eat better, stress less, sleep more and exercise, many of us fall short. This puts us at risk of viral infection.


Addressing sleep, nutrition, stress and environment is key, however few of us are able to do so to an adequate level. That’s why we created True-HealthDefense™️. Based on 15 years of functional medicine clinical practice, and hundreds of hours of research on viral infectious disease, Intuitive Nutrients has formulated one of the most comprehensive immune support formulas available. We urge our clients to compare the ingredients and (importantly) the dosage of those ingredients to any other immune support formula available. There are very few products available that match True-HealthDefense™️, and almost none that exceed its comprehensive formulation and efficacy. 


It would require several pages to describe each ingredient’s mechanism of action. Suffice it to say, every pathway from immune evasion to cellular entry to viral replication and on has been addressed in this formula. We suggest you keep it on hand, use it as needed, and enjoy the resistance to infection it can provide. 


In supporting immune function, one of the main issues is Vitamin D sufficiency. We strongly suggest testing your Vitamin D level (2,5 OH Vitamin D3) and using adequate daily supplementation, or safe sun exposure, to maintain a level of at least 35 ng/dl. Optimal levels are in the 50-70 range, however much of the research during Covid revealed a high degree of protection from severe illness and death in people with levels at or above 30-35.

Additional immune support can be attained from the use of S-Acetyl L-Glutathione (250 mg/day) as well as True-Postbiotic™️ which strengthens the intestinal mucosal barrier and lining.