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MoriKol®️Marine Collagen Capsules, 90 servings / 180 capsules

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MoriKol®️Tripeptide Collagen Capsules

180 capsules / 90 servings

  • Supports glowing skin
  • Hair + Skin + Nails
  • Kidney Friendly Low Protein


As we age, the collagen in our skin breaks down, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. We also begin to see the long term effects of photoaging (sun exposure) and the loss of barrier function that allows our bodies to hold moisture in the skin. 


Collagen supplements have become widely used in an effort to help rebuild our collagen levels, and diminish fine lines, wrinkles and dry rough skin texture. While traditional bovine (cow) collagen can provide some benefit, it is generally only marginally effective and requires high doses (12-20 grams). A more effective and precise approach is the use of marine collagen, and specifically low molecular weight marine collagen tripeptides. These collagen molecules not only provide the building blocks for the skin to replace lost collagen, but more importantly they act as signaling molecules to stimulate collagen production by the fibroblasts. It happens that specific tripeptides (three-amino acid strings with proline, hydroxyproline and glycine) actually appear as fragments of damaged collagen fibrils, and are recognized by collagen producing cells (fibroblasts) as signals to replace the damaged collagen. 


As discussed above, the tripeptides in MoriKol®️low molecular weight marine tripeptide collagen act as signals to trigger replacement production of collagen. MoriKol®️ is the only collagen that tests the Tripeptide concentration in its collagen to be no less than 15%. Other collagens, even marine collagens, are not even tested because they haven’t been purified to concentrate the Tripeptide content. As a result they have less than 1% of the signaling tripeptides, and require 12-20X the amount to have any affect on the skin.


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