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True-Postbiotic™️ TriButyrin 500 mg, 90 enteric gelcaps

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TriButyrin 500 mg,  90 Enteric Coated Gelcap


Our intestinal tract, or gut, is designed to be home to a thriving community of billions of beneficial bacteria, known as the Microbiome. When the Microbiome is disturbed it effects all aspects of our health. Often this disturbance is due to a lack of good bacteria, or a lack of variety of good bacteria. Through drugs like antibiotics, food sensitivities, toxins and other means, the Microbiome and the lining of the gut can become unhealthy and unable to perform all the tasks that are required of it.


One of the most crucial aspects of a healthy Microbiome is its ability to digest fiber and produce Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA’s). There are three main SCFA’s: Butyrate, Acetate and Proprionate. Of these, Butyrate provides a large proportion of the functional benefits, including nourishment of the cells that line the colon (colonocytes), maintenance of the Tight Junctions between the cells of the colonocytes, support of the mucosal lining and molecular signaling from the gut environment to the brain, heart, liver and lungs. True-Postbiotic™️ is a high potency form of butyrate called TriButyrin. True- Postbiotic™️ is specially encapsulated to insure that the TriButyrin is carried through the acidic stomach environment and into the intestinal tract where it is needed most. True-Postbiotic™️ replenishes the butyrate fuel that the colonocytes and mucosal lining require to function. Instead of relying solely on probiotics to survive and thrive in the gut, True-Postbiotic™️ Provides the final product needed by the gut without any doubt.


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